Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Now I'm angry.

OK, this is not going to be a full post cause I am too too tired to go through and download pictures, plus they are not yet online, but I am VERY VERY upset about the outcome of tonight's Project Runway.

First of all, I think Sweet P deserved the win over Victorya. I did like Victorya's dress, but in terms of talking about prom, why is it okay that Victorya's dress is short, when they criticized other designers' dress for being too short for prom? Cause she bedazzled the top? Seriously, it is a cute dress, but I also really want Sweet P to have a win. Sometimes I wonder if they think ahead, thinking "Sweet P may be next to go, so we don't want to grant her immunity."

Secondly. HOW could they keep Ricky when they had a chance to get rid of him? Over Kevin? WHAT do they like about Ricky? I don't like Ricky. Why is he always crying? And what is wrong with all his hat? And why do we keep letting him make sucky stuff like during the team challenge even though he doesn't add good drama to the show (let's not forget producer input on decisions.) He just sits and weeps.

When I heard the bottom three I thought "Oh Good, Ricky is going home." And when they said he wasn't, I knew instantly it was Kevin, cause Christian ain' going home anytime soon. And Kevin has done a lot of great stuff.

Excuse this post written as I'm upset, tired, sick and gone through my entire vocabulary working nearly 12 hours today. And look forward to a probably really good post written by Rachel tomorrow.

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