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This is a double premiere--we are blogging about the premiere episode of Season Four of Project Runway AND we are premiering our new blog. We hope to become the Heather & Jessica of the Project Runway world, but let's see about that. I wish we could be Rich and make fancy gifs, but the best we can do is use pictures from

Ok, enough name-dropping.

What did you think about the contestants? Elisa annoyed the crap out of me. I think everyone was being nice when they kept describing her as "spiritual." I think the word they left out was "pretentious." I'm sorry, but when you are "spiritual" like that, it just comes off as being fake and trying too hard to be "one with the earth." Other people may differ with me, but I think the one thing we can all agree on is the execution of her dress was HORRIBLE.

Elisa is CRAZY. I was actually sad she didn't go with her first idea, to create a dress out of fabric "enhanced" with grass stains. That said, I'm not surprised that she's still "in." The judges always pick "train wreck ... but risk-taking!" over "poorly made." Simone's baby-doll dress looked like it was held together with thumb tacks and the matching shrug didn't match at all. So she's gone and we get to laugh at Elisa's antics for a few more weeks.

Upon seeing the dress, my precocious boyfriend said "It looks like the dress is pooping fabric!" Of course, as we all know, moments later, Heidi confirmed the same thing. Except she sounded cuter saying it with her German accent. (Sorry honnnnneeey).

This episode reminded me how much I love Heidi Klum. Despite being a supermodel glamazon, she actually has a personality. The "pooping fabric" comment rivals last year's "Who would want to be a fat Minnie Mouse?" comment about Season 3 Alison's paper dress. In other judge news, the evil duo of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia didn't have much of note to say last night but their facial expressions as the various looks were coming down the runway were priceless.


Rami's dress was definitely beautiful, but I personally liked Christian's a little more. I think Christian took a risk while Rami went safe. Of course, as a normal human, I'd be more likely to WEAR Rami's, but when did wearability become something we use to judge fashion. Try NEVER.

I loved Rami's dress. Loved the color, loved the draping and I could live with the flower. His win echoed last year's premiere, when Keith "I didn't cheat" Michael came out on top for a very simple, but well-constructed, blue dress. Hopefully Rami doesn't meet the same fate as Keith.

I liked Christian's look. The top was beautiful and I haven't seen much like it out there. My only complaint was with the skirt -- the asymmetrical aspect made the bubble hem look unfinished. However, I may be nitpicking because I don't like Christian. All of that showboating -- plus a whiny voice that belongs in silent film.


Rachel and I both agree that we thought Victorya's dress was totally overrated. I don't understand the judges--she totally made an average dress and then tacked on a metallic flower...and they loved it! Previous seasons, they have seen right through that ruse, not fallen over themselves with love:

Boring ass flower of hell.

What is up with that flower? The dress actually looks cuter in the picture than it did on the runway. But, thanks to the weird shoulder straps, the model couldn't move her arms -- that pretty much knocks the dress out of contention for dancing, eating, playing basketball, rock-climbing and all other activities that require movement.

I personally found Chris' dress to be underrated. I mean, I guess it passed, but I thought he should've been in the top three instead of Victorya. This could reveal my lack of fashion knowledge, but I thought this dress was just gorgeous. Maybe a little safe, but gorgeous:
I loved Chris' dress as well. The skirt was a little boring, but the top was beautiful. Actually I just like Chris in general -- he's kind of a cuddlier version of Jay McCarroll. And I can't wait to see how he handles the crazy challenges considering his work as a costume designer requires making dresses out of salad fixings. I also liked Chicago Steven's black suit and Sweet P's dress (which I thought was really the same idea as Victorya's but less dressy.)

Also, wasn't the preview for the season like the longest preview ever? And what's with the poll? Wasn't it totally obvious that Tim Gunn is everyone's favorite thing about Project Runway. I mean, D'uh!

It was so good to see the divine Tim Gunn once again! And I love how the contestants were already hip to the Tim love, applauding his catchphrase use and writing "Make it work!" on the apartment chalkboard. Now I'm just dying to know what this year's challenges are going to be. My vote? Making outfits for kids. That could create all sorts of drama.

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